The Womens Crossroads Cape
  • Every Sale Goes Towards Supporting Local Artisans

This beautifully patterned, unisex and reversible cape is named after the district of Crossroads in Cape Town, South Africa. 
 For every cape sold, $1 will be donated to the African Women's Development Fund (AWDF), helping women's advancement across South Africa and beyond.
Made from the Finest Cross Stitch Polyester/Acrylic Blend, making for an extremely luxuriously soft and comfortable experience without the harmful chemicals.
One Size Fits All

One Size Fits All

Welcome to The Himalayas.

This is the home to our ethically sourced, Crossroads Capes.

Fair Trade. 100% Humane.

Your purchase directly contributes to local Artisans and promotes 100% humane manufacturing.

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