SunFlower Crowdfunding Terms 

We are extremely grateful for your generosity and support for our campaign to fund the production of our new feature-length film SunFlower. This project would not be possible without the support of people such as yourself. This document is intended to memorialize our mutual understanding with respect to your contribution as part of the nonequity crowdfunding campaign of RAM Films, Inc. (the “Organizer”) to develop, produce, market, and distribute a new, full-length film entitled SunFlower (the “Project”). SunFlower is the sequel to the lifestyle film, SunSeed-The Journey. By agreeing to these Terms of Contribution you acknowledge that your monetary contribution to the Project is subject to the dominion and control of the Organizer and that your contribution is non-refundable and shall only entitle you to the rights set forth below. 

1. Project. RAM Films, Inc., the Organizer, intends to use all contributions received in this crowdfunding campaign to develop, produce, market and distribute a new lifestyle film entitled SunFlower and to pay other expenses attributable thereto, which may arise from time to time, including the raising of additional capital and other crowdfunding or movie expense.   

Contributors such as yourself will have no control over how exactly your contribution will be used by us. Nothing in this Terms of Contribution shall limit the manner in which your contribution may be used in the development and production of SunFlower. 

2. Target. We intend to raise a total of $290,000 (the “Target Amount”) through this nonequity crowdfunding campaign. If we do not raise the full target amount through this campaign, Ram Films, Inc. reserves the right to nonetheless commence production and development of the movie, and/or use funds to further our efforts to grow our internet presence and expand lifestyle offerings to our growing community at our sole discretion.  

3. Ownership of Project and Intellectual Property. You will not have any property or ownership rights or interests in the Project, the Organizer, SunFlower or have any intellectual property rights associated therewith as a result of your contribution. Furthermore, you will not be entitled to any money generated by the film. Such rights and interests shall remain the exclusive property of the Organizer. 

4. Credits and Acknowledgement. Out of gratitude for your important contribution to the Project, we will give you credit in various ways, which may include in the actual movie. 

5. Right to Use Likeness. Unless you tell us otherwise in writing at the time of your contribution, you agree to permit us to use your name in further crowdfunding and capital raising efforts associated with the Project and to expressly identify you as a contributor, however without mentioning the amount of your contribution, unless you so give us permission. 

6. Deductibility of Contribution. Please be advised that the Organizer is a for-profit venture and that your contribution to the Project will not qualify as a “charitable contribution” within the meaning of IRC §170(c) and you will not be entitled to deduct such contribution for Federal Tax Purposes. 

Your contribution of funds to the SunFlower Development Fund means that you have accepted these Terms of Contribution.